V for Victoria, V for Australia!

V for Victoria is a way for our greater community from across Victoria, Australia and beyond, to share a sign of love, hope & solidarity in our united fight against COVID-19.


“It’s something to remind us that we’re not alone, but together. With a simple and unifying gesture that can replace profile pictures and "Wuhan Shakes and elbows" in the streets… It’s something that can say I love you and I hope for us.”  — @bycharlieryan


Created in early August 2020 by Charlie Ryan and Five Creative, the profits from this online shop will go directly back into supporting our greater community across Australia and beyond, to fight the ripple effects of the COVID-19 Crisis in our communities.



V for Victoria

Instagram: @vforvictori_a

Facebook: @vforaustralia


By Charlie Ryan

Instagram: @bycharlieryan

Facebook: @bycharlieryan


Five Creative

Instagram: @fivecreative

Facebook: @fivecreative



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